Court Booking

Online booking for members

§  Log on to: Booking System

§  Sign In:  A box will appear where you are to enter your user name and password.  Your user name is your firstname.lastname.  If you used a unique password last year, then this remains the same, otherwise please refer to your welcome pack for details of how to obtain a new password.

n.b. if you change your password  we strongly recommend that you make this a unique password and not one that you already use on other computers or on-line services.  Should you forget this password you can receive a prompt via email.

§  To book your court as a member:  As it is anticipated that the courts will become more active this year we strongly recommend that you always book your courts in advance.

Depending on the court availability:

a.    Select the date you wish to play.

b.    Click on the time you wish to start play

c.    Select your court


Although it is optional to enter who you are playing with, we would prefer you to enter a name.  If they are a member enter surname first and select the opponent from the drop down list presented.  If playing a non-member please enter 'Guest Public' in opponents name. 


* Please ensure that the club receives court fees of £2.50/hour from all guests. 

§  What you need to know: You will not be able to book further than 3 dates in advance. Block bookings (coaches) can only be entered via the administrator/pavilion cafe. Please consider your fellow members by not booking the court for more than an hour at a time.

Pay and Play

Courts can be booked on a Pay and Play basis when the Pavilion Cafe is open during the weekends. Fee for non-members is £5.00 per court per hour. This option is currently suspended - all users must be members to allow us to control and adhere to the safety issues surrounding Covid19

Lighting Facilities

The lighting tokens can be purchased from the Pavilion Cafe.  We will make new arrangements for issuing these in due course during the closure of the cafe.