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Ladder Leagues at Boston Manor

We wish to restart the Ladder Leagues that were introduced last year.  The idea is to give members the opportunity to discover more people to play tennis with and to do so in a modestly competitive but friendly environment. The aim is to attract players over a reasonably wide range of abilities who enjoy playing tennis matches. To start with we plan to have a mixed (ladies and gents) singles ladder.  If there is sufficient interest in a ladies single league then one can also be set up.

 The leagues are free to enter.  Players need to be 16+ for legal reasons, or 13+ if accompanied by a legal guardian. The aim is to run the league until the end of July and then review.  The leagues are only for members of BMTC.

 How will they work

 They will operate again via the Global Tennis Network (GTN), an independent website, with which you will need to first register if you did not register last year(see below). Global Tennis Network is a platform created to help people find local players, organize ladders, leagues, tournaments, a court or a partner, and play more tennis.  The website will then facilitate all the communication, administration and calculation to run the leagues.

 To register you will be required to provide your name, telephone number and an email.  These are required purely for the purpose of communicating with other players registered in the same league and to arrange matches. If you registered with GTN last year there is no need to re-register.

 Once you have registered in your desired league, you will be able to see a list of all the players participating in the same league, their names, telephone number, email, detailed records of their tennis matches and ranks.  NO OTHER PERSONAL DETAILS WILL BE SHOWN.  You also will need to create your profile as a Tennis player and give some information about your Tennis level.  Please note that BMTC does not have any control or administration over the GTN site hence participation is up to the individual’s discretion.

 You can challenge any player from the league and the winner inputs the scores after the game. The points are calculated automatically by the system.

 When a match is agreed between players then both players for singles will generally book an hour each of court time to allow a 3 set match (or two sets plus championship tie break) to be played, although you can play over a number of separate hour sessions if you wish.  Further details are available on the league site.

 How to Enter

 To register please go to:

 Note that if you wish to enter more than one league you only need to register with GTN once, but then separately with each league. 

 Mixed's Singles Tennis Ladder league: 

 Register if necessary with GTN.

 Select location as “Brentford”

Select ladder league as “Boston Manor Tennis Club 2021”

Select League ladder as “Singles-tennis-ladder-bmtc-2021-season-1”


Coordinators: Adrian Backes (07443 393912)

               and Joanna Radomska (07841 337681)


Generally, coordinators would appreciate a text or WhatsApp message.


Note that this is a different ladder league window to that used last year.


Possible Ladies’ Singles Tennis Ladder league: 


Contact Joanna Radomska (07841 337681) to register interest.